Texas Confederate Men's Home, located on West 6th Street, Austin,Texas

The Francis Marion Quine Family (about 1905)

Mary Talalu Kirkley Quine and grand-children

Ferdinando San Francisco Taylor and Mary Talalu Taylor

Robert Noel and Mertie Kirkley (Oklahoma Family) in front of the old rock house located on South Norman Street in Claremore, OK. It was built by Clarence and Frenchie Kirkley in 1935 out of sandstone from the foundation of the old Academy building located on South Norman. Charlie and Violet Dollard lived next door, Frenchie and Hallie Kirkley lived across the street in the old George Ross place and Clarence and Rena Kirkley lived across the street to the South. The area was often times refered to as Kirkleyville

The Clarence Kirkley Family

Back Row: Dorothy Jean, Virginia Mae, Jess Merle, Robert Lewis, Alice Liddie Belle. Front Row: Leatha Lee, Clarence, Curtis Leon, Rena Mae Gilbert Kirkley, Clarence Eugene

Bottom: Mathew Ryan Holak, John Holak, Billie Holak, Lauren Ashley Holak, Brandon Skyler Holak, Davy Potmas Holak. Second: Christine Renee Holak, Judy Marie Chi, Angelica Samantha Cronan, Pam Holak Top: Darius Mark Holak, Ryan Daniel Holak, Donna Marie Holak, Daniel Frank Holak, Dennis Cronan, Derek John Holak, Sarah Kay Holak

Robert Noel Kirkley


Ready for the Nacogdoches Reunion

Kent Kirkley (L).............Fern Kirkley(R)

Robert Kirkley through the years

David Daniel Kirkley and Ella Wells Smith (3)

Left to right. Back row Bertha and Jesse. Front row Velma, James Horace with Mamie on lap, Addie and Nina

Nina and Velma Kirkley

James Horace Kirkley and his hogs

James Horace and Ada Viola Hartless Kirkley

L to R Jim Allen Coats Jr, Mary Helen Coats Ahrens, Wanda Coats Schenk, Elsie Self Coats, Patricia (aka Tricia)Coats Barone, George Royce Coats

Ladies In Red 1999 Reunion

Billie Jeah Kirkley Holak, Elsie Self, Lucile Kirkley Howell, Verline Kirkley Myrick